Saturday, 12 December 2015

Bad Weather has Even Affected Here

I took some photos with my phone, but they didn't come out.  I'll try again tomorrow.

Just down from us is a beck which runs next to a dual carriageway.  Maybe a mile or two to the west is a small reservoir which is supposed to act as an overflow when the beck can't cope with the water.  I have been muttering for some time that it was silted up and filled with rubbish and that it would overflow.

It has overflowed.

The beck has reached the top of the arch of the bridge that takes the road at the end of our road over the beck.  The traffic lights at the junction are still working and there is a very fed up policeman the other side of the road directing traffic.  Last time quite a few houses were flooded out.  That was 2007.

It will probably go down quite quickly, and is incredibly unlikely to affect us even though it is only yards away, but rain is forecast for tomorrow.  I hope it will all be okay.

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