Sunday, 27 December 2015

Doing my Duty

I am writing this under the influence of alcohol, and very happy with it.

I bought a bottle of a Welsh version of Baileys, Merlyn, not guaranteed gluten free, but worth taking a risk as gluten is likely to be lost during distillation.  It's only 17% which is something you can drink neat, but it does taste as least twice as strong and is utterly gorgeous.

This picture is in the public domain and isn't actually bad considering I took it after I finished off the contents.

It is a good looking bottle and I thought it was a shame just to throw it out.  I was tootling around the interweb wondering what I could do with a good looking bottle and I found this, how to make your own reed diffusers.  I quite like diffusers but usually recoil from the cost of them.  But did you know that you could apparently use wooden skewers but it is better to use the reeds (available on eBay at £2.49 for 60, including postage) and dip them in a combination of carrier oil, essential oil and vodka.

I have some essential oil and can obtain other essential oils comparatively easily.  I have a good looking bottle.  I can get hold of the carrier oil easily enough, but will probably use the rapeseed or canola oil that I use anyway.  I even have the vodka as I never got round to making the usual chilli vodka for the lovely man who used to live next door.  Really, it was my duty to finish off the bottle so I could get sorted.

I'll let you know what happens when I sober up.

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