Sunday, 27 December 2015

Dark and Stormy Night

It was stormy, lots of weather round here.  It was dark because a large area that included us had a power cut.  It was only for a few hours and while bear tried to spin out his bedtime by pretending he was scared (he really wasn't!) we weren't too affected.  We have a couple of torches around, we have torches on our phones, we have candles, the gas stayed on and our house stays warm anyway.

DH went out and had a brief look to see if he could see any lights and, if so, how far the power cut had spread.  He said it was scary as it really was dark away from the street lights and you couldn't see pedestrians.

I feel incredibly lucky.  We had a very small adventure, bear was barely affected, it was a minor thing.  I do wonder, though, how others managed.  I worry about people who are perhaps less able to deal with this.  There is also a lot of flooding in Leeds which has not affected us, but will be affecting a lot of people close to us.

The picture above shows the KFC where bear had his meal with his pals just last week.  If you click on the link you will be taken to the story about some of the flooding.  Thank goodness this happened when a lot of businesses were closed.  It would have been far worse.  It does affect shops, some of which rely on Christmas trade to break even for the year.  There is even flooding in the centre of Leeds, though away from the main shops.

Wean - bear loves his maths and has a maths tutor once a week as a treat.  He also prefers brussel sprouts to chips.  I don't know where we went right.

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  1. Glad your power cut lasted only a few hours and you were prepared with torches and candles, etc. Glad you didn't have any floods. Hope the floods didn't cause too much damage to the businesses, etc.