Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Happy Birthday Bear!

Bear is happy.  He got his Liverpool FC strip plus a Solar Energy Science Lab (utter steal from eBay), an exploding science set, books, pens and even a Liverpool FC ring binder.

It made me a little sad.  There were no presents from father.  It reminded me that, for father, age appropriate was an interesting concept that didn't apply.  I lost count of the toys I diplomatically stashed until bear was old enough.  I think there are still some around.  Of course, I didn't mention anything to bear.  He was too busy enjoying the 'Periodic Table for Beginners' (yes, it is a real book, here, and, yes, he was thrilled, and, no, I didn't pay that much for it).

Bear also insisted on getting me to video the present opening on his new kindle fire.  He insisted that I do it straight away before I had even time to find my glasses.  One thing struck me.  If bear is insisting on being video'ed, I really, really need to sort out the house.  The video includes a right pile of stuff as a backdrop.

The biggest hit of the morning was actually the birthday card.  I spent an utter fortune on it but it was so worth it.  If you could have seen bear's face as he opened up the card to hear a Dalek's voice ordering him to celebrate or be exterminated - it shone!  I wish I had video'ed that.

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  1. Sending happy birthday wishes to your son! Hope he has a wonderful year!