Wednesday, 2 December 2015


I've pulled myself together now, and I am really grateful for the kind thoughts and comments.

I did spend some time talking to my friend eBay.  Fortunately eBay didn't talk back to me so I didn't get anything silly.  I was tempted by a loch ness monster ladle, but I got past that.

Instead I did a little writing which always makes me feel better.  It's here, if you are interested, and while it isn't great, it did help.  All is well here.  Bear is complaining of mysterious aches and pains in an effort to avoid school, DH has his oIwn aches and pains and I'm doing alright.

I may yet go back to the loch ness monster ladle, though.  It looks like it may be actually useful.  In fact, it looks perfect to put on my Christmas wish list for my brother.

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