Friday 19 March 2021

A Friday Feeling

Chris recommended some channels on YouTube, which I am planning on dipping into. He said:

Bit late to the party, but here are some I watch. Based in America J Townsend and son (been going for years) has lots of videos using historical cookbooks and authentic utensils, as well as a lot of historical re-enactment stuff. Tasting History with Max Miller (started just over a year ago) does recipes from all periods of history and gives some nice background to the recipes. English: John Kirkwood is an ex professional chef(and it shows) and is very good at techniques, Keef Cooks is a home cook who tries lots of things and is not afraid to show things going wrong, and for cooking in a small space The Narrowboat Chef: the from the gallery strand is very good. They also have videos of their journeys on the canals. Sorry I'm not confident at putting in links. Hope you like some of these. Chris.

I have looked at Townsend's already, and I plan to try the roasted onion when the onions are more in season.

Bear has a new laptop, gifted by brother, who is awesome. I do not expect to hear much from him for the weekend.

I have a serious headache. It's nothing to do with the laptop and everything to do with eating too much dark chocolate.

You are all awesome. 

What do you call a fish that has lost its eye? Fsh.

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. Lol at the joke. Have a good weekend! How nice that Bear got a new laptop. Hope he enjoys!

  2. I love programmes about social history, especially those featuring cooking and I used to have a small collection of historical cookbooks and household management manuals - make your own distemper and keeping guinea pigs for fun, profit and dinner were two of the topics that particularly stuck in my mind. So I'll be hunting out some of these channels and giving them a try. I had to pass on the cookbooks when we downsized and keep just those I actually cook from, rather than those I enjoyed browsing - for every one I use I had 10 I just enjoyed reading! Hope you are feeling more in sorts. Enjoy the quiet weekend - nothing like new tec to keep children occupied.

  3. PS: had another Delifresh delivery that was much better, although I did avoid ordering those items that where in poor condition last time. I now have the aromatic ingredients for about a dozen curries. Thai cauliflower and a tangy kerelan aubergine dish with turmeric and tamarind were the first I cooked last night.