Wednesday 17 March 2021

Still Here

I'm sorry I've not been posting. I'm feeling a little out of sorts, I suspect my girlie bits are playing up and it isn't helping.

Sharon - bear is exhausted, but trudging on. I wish I could take credit, but I very much let bear get on with things. 

And speaking of bear, he got me a lovely mug for Mother's Day (which I picked out) but also surprised me with a candle in one of my favourite scents, a bottle of fancy rum (DH definitely bought that for him) and a lovely bunch of flowers. I was particularly impressed by the flowers. When I called in to Morrisons for bananas on Saturday there wasn't a petal to be seen, the huge displays of bouquets that I had seen earlier in the week were just rows of empty buckets.

DH couldn't find a vase so surprised me with flowers in a teapot. Please ignore the dust. I have for quite some time, obviously. 

Today I got notification that it was non-uniform day for bear on Friday. I was impressed by how quickly the schools are getting back to normal with no dratted notice. To be fair, I imagine that being required to test hundreds of pupils twice a week for Covid-19 while organising social distancing, hand sanitiser and supervising when the library isn't really available so hundreds of kids are milling around the wet yards may have taken up some of their attention. 

We are currently decluttering the bookcases and making space for a wonderfully comfortable chair my brother gave us. There are bags of stuff to donate and rubbish and keep everywhere! But it will be so much better when it's sorted. 

Hugs and good health to all. 

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