Saturday 20 March 2021

Wonderfully Quiet

Fifitr - those sound very tasty! I need to book another Delifresh order for the bits that I can't get elsewhere. I also have a weakness for cookbooks, and I read far more than I cook from! Tonight we had ready meals. 

Sharon - it's been blessedly quiet.

It's all been quiet. I haven't gone out, except for putting a few bits in the bin and feeding the birds. I've pottered around and generally relaxed. My headache is still rattling around and making me queasy, but it's fading. 

I spent a reasonable slice of time knitting while watching bear play a game on his laptop. He is in heaven.

I've done some clearing and tidying. I have a tip run booked for Monday, but I don't know if it will be enough. I'm having a very firm clearout. I also have more books to donate, so I'll be looking into ideas that Sarah gave me for shelters and refuges. 

At the moment, I have empty shelves, bags of stuff waiting to be put on shelves/donated/binned or relocated. The living room is currently an obstacle course of stuff. I'm going to have to be focused and get the study and living room done next week as bear is off after that for the Easter break. Please send good vibes. It's a big job that I've been postponing for years but now that I've moved the chair, I can't delay any longer. 

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. Hey hope you all are doing well. Just another idea for books. Senior centres and Senior apartments or anywhere Seniors gather or live, usually have a bit of a library. They would welcome additions. Jean

  2. It hardly seems five minutes since bear was starting back at school... all this stopping and starting must get to him. Glad he's enjoying his new laptop. It always looks worse when you're in the middle of moving things around and getting rid. Somehow things on shelves and in cupboards don't take up as much room as when they're in bags and boxes waiting to be removed. A couple of walls of bookcases' contents will completely fill a room when piled in boxes in the centre I've found, having happily lined the walls and seeming to take up hardly any space before. But once it's done you will feel so light and relaxed... try and enjoy the process.