Tuesday 2 March 2021


I'm not really cold cold. It could be worse. I took bear to an appointment at the hospital today for physio. It went pretty well, but we took taxis there and back and got frozen waiting for the taxi back. Then I was sitting in a cold(ish) room for a while without realising. Again, it wasn't really cold. No ice was forming. But the chill got into my bones and I am now aching. After dinner, bear turned the fire off as he was burning up. As he had spent the afternoon being prodded, I thought he should and I had a shawl around my shoulders. Now I am upstairs, still trying to warm up with a thick dressing gown over my sweater and t-shirt. I am taking some rum for medicinal purposes.

As I was putting the bin out, I spotted that the gap in the trees opposite had got bigger.

That is a fairly rubbish pic, but at least it shows what's going on. I'll have to go out with a saw soon.

Writing stuff - yesterday's flash fiction is here.

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. Hope you warm up a little - there was a day last week when I just didn't feel warm all day. I hate going back to cold weather when we have had glimpses of something a little warmer.x

  2. I get like that quite a lot and usually the only thing that gets me warm again is sitting in a nice warm bath!