Friday 12 March 2021


Louise - thank you. I give all the credit to bear. I have just let him get on with stuff, and he has. He has been amazing and I am so proud.

I have been trying to keep out of shops. Today was an epic fail. I dropped bear off after an exhilarating drive in bright sunshine/driving heaving rain/bright sunshine + driving heavy rain and nipped into Morrisons. I remembered the wraps, the coleslaw and the steak (for Mother's Day). I completely forgot to pick up the sliced beef for DH's lunchtime wraps. 

I thought I would be really sensible, avoid the shop and instead put in a crafty Co-op order. I ordered sliced beef, frozen potato products to go with the steak, some chocolate desserts that the men like and a bottle of Co-op Navy Rum, which is lovely as you drink it and death the next day and it helpfully took the total over the minimum order amount. The order arrived really quickly - but they didn't have any beef.

I was a little confused and I'm wondering if there is a shortage of cooked, sliced beef for sandwiches. Aldi and Tesco have both been low on beef. DH is happy enough with ham, but I don't see anything wrong with getting him his first choice if it's available. I could try cooking a joint of beef and slicing it, but I'm not very good at roasts and I think that freezing wouldn't work well while the slices would go off before they were used up. 

So I ended up going back to Morrisons when I went to pick bear up (sunglasses/wipers on double speed/sunglasses + wipers on double speed, the journey only took 25 minutes but I think I went through seven changes of season) and picked up the beef, the tissues I wanted for the car and a random pack of gluten free crumpets. I also picked up a reduced pack of cream doughnuts. Bear didn't fancy them after extremely substantial school dinner and snacks, DH is trying to eat healthily and I can't have the gluten. I should have saved 100% and left it where it was.

I've got myself cold again. I'm sitting huddled in a shawl I knitted a while back. The pattern is here and as I used a substantial and soft yarn, it's wonderful. I'll be glad when the weather settles down. I think I could get into shawls, with one over my hair, one around my shoulders and a lap blanket on my knees. So far I've stuck to quite big blankets, so perhaps next time I should make something a little smaller. 

Hugs and good health to all.

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