Monday 29 March 2021

Still Calm

Today has been a quiet sort of day. I've done some writing, some tidying, some washing, some knitting and I nipped out for cheese, picked up some bits, and got home and realised that I forgot the cheese. 

Lots of parcels arrived. I had this month's subscribe and save, which was vitamins, protein bars for DH, plus his favourite post exercis bath salts and some batteries. Also a large pack of loo roll. The pack from Yankee Bundles (I should mention, when I looked for the link, the first page had stuff of a mildly adult nature, so don't blame me if you blush) also arrived. It isn't exactly cheap, but it's less expensive than buying stuff almost anywhere else. I got some candles and some Yardley fragrance.

This meant that there was cardboard everywhere. It won't fit in the recycling, at least, not all of it. And the recycling isn't collected until 7th April. I'm going to have to squash it down and stuff it in the largest box and work out what to do from that. I've checked, and I'm not sure that I'm allowed to burn it. 

I also got a large delivery from Morrisons (I forgot the cheese on that as well) and it's full of stuff like cereal. I'm hoping to direct bear's snacking to somewhat healthier stuff. It isn't healthy in an absolute sense, but it's not pure sugar, and I'll take it. But that is even more cardboard to dispose of!  I'm aiming to make some of Twink's hobnobs as well, but I'll see what happens with that. 

I may have to get a Co-op delivery for the cheese. I am trying to stay out of shops, and I keep forgetting to use my shopping list book. When I remember that, I'm usually okay. I'll see how it goes.

Hugs and good health to all. 

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