Wednesday 10 March 2021

Back to School

Fifitr - I know! But you have to get the bargains when you have the chance. I wasn't too bad today. I called in for the coleslaw and salad and picked up some gluten free gnocchi as well. The gnocchi was underwhelming. 

Bear was back at school for the first time. Poor kid was shattered. He was silent all the way home. But from the little I could gather, he was okay being back at school and hanging around with his friends. I have a certain scepticism about any social distancing happening, but I think that's to be expected. I think everyone will be watching the infection rates over the next few weeks. 

It may be that the infection rates go up, but the serious stuff goes down. Schools will be having regular testing, so cases in kids will be picked up, even if there are no symptoms, and they can isolate and hopefully stop the spread. Bear is likely to be getting a couple of tests a week. This time last year, you couldn't get hold of tests. 

Regardless, bear's test was negative and he has gone to bed ridiculously early. Tomorrow he has to get up early for the first time this year. So have I. Neither of us is looking forward to it.

For those interested in cookery YouTube videos, DH has found a good one and we have been dipping in over dinner. It's an Australian YouTuber called Ann Reardon on How to Cook That. I believe she is a qualified nutritionist. She seems to be comfortable with food science. She does videos debunking the 'cooking hacks' videos, miniature cooking and food that looks like something it isn't - all lovely and down to earth. We also watch Sorted Food a lot. If you know any good ones, please share, as we like to watch cookery on YouTube while we are eating our rather dull dinners (chili con charlie tonight, and very welcome it was as well).

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. Bit late to the party, but here are some I watch.
    Based in America J Townsend and son (been going for years) has lots of videos using historical cookbooks and authentic utensils, as well as a lot of historical re-enactment stuff. Tasting History with Max Miller (started just over a year ago) does recipes from all periods of history and gives some nice background to the recipes. English: John Kirkwood is an ex professional chef(and it shows) and is very good at techniques, Keef Cooks is a home cook who tries lots of things and is not afraid to show things going wrong, and for cooking in a small space The Narrowboat Chef: the from the gallery strand is very good. They also have videos of their journeys on the canals. Sorry I'm not confident at putting in links. Hope you like some of these. Chris.

  2. I suppose after not being at school for a while the first few days back will be quite tiring. The children here in our district haven't been in school for a year already and are spending the rest of the school year out! I can't imagine being a parent during this time or what will happen to those children who had trouble keeping up in school. Hopefully things will return to somewhat normal soon!