Sunday 21 March 2021

Bracing for Action

Fifitr - Thank you - the living room is currently a miscellaneous heap, but I'm cautiously optimistic. Bear has one more week then he's off for two weeks, then he has a few more weeks with May Day off, of course, then Whitsun week off. Poor kid isn't sure whether he's on his head or his heels (actually, he's on his new laptop all weekend, but I can excuse that). 

Jean - there are a few places near here so I can make a few calls. Thank you.

Today I was just making a hole. I've cleared out some shelves, put some books back from where I stashed them during sorting, and moved a lot of paperwork that I've been meaning to do something with 'one day'. That 'one day' has arrived, or, at least, is on the horizon. I used to have really good systems. Now I have heaps and bags. I've been watching YouTube videos about decluttering and minimalism. I am starting to work on the principle of 'you are what you eat' but with stuff for the mind rather than the stomach. If I read books/watch YouTube/check blogs about cleaning and clearing out in an oldfashioned and responsible way then I'm more likely to get that stuff done. 

Tomorrow is going to be heck on rollerskates. I'm going to try and haul myself out of bed a little earlier to have a cuppa on the step outside and listen to the birds - weather permitting. I find it really calming and helpful. I may also pour a kettle of boiling water on the weeds in the cracks in the garden. Then I drop bear off at school, call in at Aldi for the sauce DH likes for dinner, then Tesco for the flavoured water he prefers and the ham that bear likes. I could also do with checking to see if they have any pyjamas for bear. It's heading towards being too warm for the fleecy onesies and I think he's grown out of all the pyjamas from last year. 

Then I need to call in at Boots for bear's prescription before dashing home and dropping some of the good kids' books off at the local primary school (I rang and checked). Then I need to load up the car and drop off a car full of rubbish at the tip, before picking up bear. 

Fortunately DH is having pasta bake, and bear doesn't usually want much more than a sandwich after school, but I really would like to start doing the thinking part of working out the paperwork. I could do with moving the chairs around as well, and I really ought to make a dent on the heap of ironing that lives in the corner of the dining room.

For Tuesday I plan to stay out of shops and get on with stuff.

Hugs and good health to all. 

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