Friday 5 March 2021

I Happened Again

Wherethejourneytakesme - I may have a go at courgettes. I'll see how we go. Spring onions would also be good. I have to get the ground ready first, I suppose. I don't have a greenhouse and the windowsill here is around two inches wide, so hard to fit pots on. 

I went out and posted a parcel, then thought I would stretch my wheels and head to Tesco for the things that I forgot yesterday. This was not a success because I forgot them again. In my defence, I was taken by surprise by a bargain. It wasn't a huge bargain, but it was big enough. I wandered past the yellow sticker chill cabinet and there was two 300g packs of diced lamb shoulder. They had been £3 but were down to £1.88. Tesco don't seem to mark down much, but this was worth picking up! I grabbed both. 

I didn't think much of the potherbs, though. I suppose that we are heading into the 'hungry gap' between last year's harvest and this year's harvest. None of the onions looked good, and most were quite soft. A lot of the carrots had squidgy ends and the parsnips didn't look worth bothering with. I picked out the best of the carrots, a very large turnip and a couple of leeks. The tills were backed right up, and social distancing made it hard to know which queue to join, so I went to the self service till. I normally avoid this as I need a little human interaction, even if it is only 'cash or card'. It didn't matter. First of all I found the till with the iffy weighing machine, and I had bought the veggies loose. The supervisor had to sort them out. Then the till had a fit at the reel of black cotton so the supervisor had to come back and sort it out. And then I had to leave the bags with the supervisor to go back and get the envelope for the greetings card that I picked up. I had about a week's worth of conversation. I was definitely one of those customers today.

I bought my Mother's Day card and present from bear. It's a lot easier as I am the one going into shops, and this way I know I'm going to get something I like. I suspect that next year, when the shopping is hopefully back to normal, bear will surprise me.

The scouse (veggies and one of the packs of lamb, simmered together with salt and some peppercorns for an hour and a half) was amazing, though. The men enjoyed it a great deal, and there is a couple of portions for tomorrow as well. The other pack went into the freezer. It was such a treat finding affordable lamb. 

I'm looking forward to a quiet evening hanging out with the men. 

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. 2" windowsills don't leave you a lot of scope!
    Sainsbury's here are having a mad change round and is full of people milling up and down the aisles looking for their usual - daft time to have a change round when everyone is looking to be in and out as quickly as they can.

  2. I hope you're slowly starting to feel better, shopping trips or no shopping trips. I used to buy my own Christmas gifts from my parents for years so i get where you're coming from with the Mother's Day gift. which reminds me I must go and get one for my MiL - my husband is useless at remembering such things.
    I can only grow very easy things and courgettes are one of the things I can grow so I recommend you give them a try. Also perpetual spinach, chard and kale. They keep going all over the winter and for me provide very useful ingredients for soup. And best of all, once they're established they keep going without your having to do much to them. Which is my kind of gardening.
    I don't have a veg garden anymore so I grow mostly in pots. This year I'm concentrating on herbs and greenery and beetroot. The dog thinks it's great fun to knock pots over so I'm limited to using long low planters that are too wide for him to tip over, and therefore shallow-rooted plants.
    Did you ever have a go at that zip in bear's onesie? How did it go?