Friday, 8 April 2016

Bear is Doing Really Well

Today was so reassuring.  His pal was round from 10am to 5.30pm.  I fed them at regular intervals and left them to get on with it.  For a large part of the day they were bickering while watching YouTube videos and at the same time playing Fifa16 or Minecraft.  They seemed to know what was going on so I just kept an eye out from a safe distance.  I was completely bewildered by it all.

His thumb seems to hardly be bothering him at all.  In fact, the thing that bothers bear most at the moment is the ban on sport.  I am refusing to allow him to play in our street and bear is indignant.  There is another fortnight and a bit left to go on the ban and I am hoping bear will not explode before then.  He is an active lad with a lot of energy.

Next week is the second week of the holiday and his pal is away.  I have tentatively asked around for those who would like a playdate, but to be honest I think just spending quiet time will be good for bear.  It will be a genuine blessing for me.

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  1. Glad to hear Bear's friend is keeping him company and his thumb doesn't seem to be bothering him. Good idea to keep him from playing sports. Hope you manage to get him to rest next week, as well.