Thursday, 21 April 2016

I Love the Internet

I've been without the internet all day as I moved a piece of furniture which I plan to donate to the church and lost the internet.  The internet and phone both went, not through a fault in the phone line but because the plugs are tucked in awkward places and the wires are confusing and I failed to get the right things plugged in and I wasn't sure whether the wire was for the phone, internet, tv, sky, wii, or dvd player.  It's tangled up in a right mess.  That is our weekend planned out - sorting and labelling the cables (DH) and vacuuming and getting new curtains up (me).

I wasn't paying attention properly so bear ended up going to the park with an eleven year old.  I know that they are both sensible, but our local park isn't necessarily a safe place.  I worried so much, but bear was fine.  I still think he is too young.  I can't go up there myself - my leg can't manage it, and besides, he is getting too old to go the park with his mum.

I don't know if I should let him go again.  I wish I knew what to do for the best.

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  1. Oh, but that is such a hard decision - when to let them do things on their own! I was an over-protective mama! I had my reasons and I explained them to my daughter, and although she didn't like it (and there was some eye-rolling!) she put up with it. My reasoning was I'd rather be over-protective and keep her safe than be sorry and regret things later.

    Could you sit down and discuss some rules and things? Run by some scenarios such as what would he do if someone asks help looking for a lost dog? Asked his name and where he lived? Does he have a cell phone he can use to call you if needed?

    But at some point, one has to take a deep breath and trust that one is doing the right thing and let them venture on their own. And worry about it the whole time until they are home again, safely.