Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Shouldn't Think When Tired

Bear is doing fine.  He hasn't asked for pain relief and has scarfed down fruit, crisps, chocolate, healthy juice and fizzy drinks.  Despite my best efforts he has a pal who will be keeping him company this week.  I had hoped to give him more peace, but I am sure he will be better for the quiet company.  It did rather mess up my plans for treats and meals, but I can work round it.

When I went with bear to the dentist I noticed that they had gift cards and that if you bought a gift card then you could get a penny per litre off fuel at a Morrisons' petrol station per £10 spent on the gift card.

There were gift cards for Amazon at the store, but they aren't on the website.   If they are at the store then it could be worth looking into further.  For example, we could spend £100 on an Amazon gift card and get 10p per litre off fuel (well worth it!) and DH tops up at a Morrisons petrol station any was as it is on the way to work.  You can buy quite a few groceries from Amazon.  My opinion is that the deal is usually better with Tesco, but that you can get some decent deals with the subscription stuff and the Pantry.  As we have Prime membership anyway then we could free delivery on a lot of stuff.  £100 would be a significant lump of the grocery budget, and easily spent in a month.

It's a theoretical exercise as I can't get to Morrisons to buy the gift card even if they are there, or rather, the cost of the bus fare would be more than we would save.  You cannot buy the gift card online.

Actually, when I think about it, I think I need to get out of the house more, as in, further than 500 yards from my front door.  I think I will work on that next.


  1. Glad to hear that Bear is doing fine and that he has a friend to keep him company. Take good care of yourself, too.

  2. Good to hear about Bear... are you sure that you can combine the vouchers in the way you suggest (ie combine 10 vouchers to get 10p per litre off 1 fill up, rather than having 1p per litre off for 10 fill ups) as that sounds almost too good to be true.