Friday, 29 April 2016

Frozen Friday

I am perished.  I got caught in the snow this morning during the school run.  It wasn't really snowing hard, just some cold, wet lumps as I walked the few hundred yards to school and back.  However I feel utterly frozen and I haven't been able to get warm.

I have continued to move stuff around, a few bits here and a few bits there.  The kitchen smells wonderful as I am cleaning the old Woodwick candle jars.  The jars are so elegant that it seems almost criminal to throw them out.  I thought I had better get started on my backlog in case I should need to start storing ring pulls, for example.  Not that I'm planning to store ring pulls for making chain mail, not at all.  I told DH about it and I thought he would fall off his chair laughing.

My internet search history is getting worse.  Other people worry about naughty ladies showing up on their search history.  I'm worried about being taken into custody.  Did you know that you can't buy embalming fluid as such from eBay but you can buy formaldehyde.  It does worry me that there is a market for 25 litres of formaldehyde.  Apparently it's really toxic and flammable.  I wouldn't give it house room.

The reason I was looking was purely research purposes - I followed a prompt from Studio 30 and Our Write Side which, if you don't mind something macabre you can find here.

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  1. Hope you get warm, soon. Drink some hot soup or tea. Just this once, make it a nice, strong cup of tea! To really warm you up!