Monday, 25 April 2016


From our top window you can see expensive houses, cheap houses and social housing.  You can see a medical centre, factories and farms.  My little corner, the hundred yards or so I walk to and from bear's school, is very urban and is quite high on the scale of deprivation that one of the universities use.

However I see lots of pigeons, the laurels are out and smelling lovely, we have apple blossom in the garden and I've already posted about the violets.

This morning I noticed that the wild garlic is out.

There is wild garlic all along the beck and when the sun is on it then the whole area smells incredibly flavoured.  There was also a disapproving duck.  I hadn't any bread as they are usually not around this part of the beck.

Apparently we shouldn't give them bread but instead give them defrosted frozen peas.  All I can say is that these are urban, Yorkshire ducks and are likely to be unimpressed by anything except white sliced.

I may not travel far, but I do enjoy looking round where I do go.

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  1. Looking at those pictures, I'd have said you were deep in the countryside! You have a lot of hidden nature in your urban area! How wonderful!