Saturday, 9 April 2016

Birds on the Roof

It's normal to have birds on the roof.  As I type I can look over to Matalan's roof and see the private life of pigeons.  I've seen a heron on there, and a falcon at one point.  Birds sit on roofs.

DH was upstairs in the top room and heard what sounded like a determined effort to steal the slates from our roof.  He said it sounded like a full on act of destruction.  It was actually two juvenile crows rummaging underneath the edge of the slates where it meets the gutter and making a right racket.  The crows ignored DH when he opened the window and reluctantly left when he told them to clear off.

I am rather worried that there may be something under there, like a mouse or a sparrow that means we will have problems.  However crows are full of mischief so they could have just been enjoying the noise.

This is normal for the crow tribe.  I think I have mentioned the raven that hangs around the bird of prey displays and nicks the food meant for the vulture.  They are relentless, shameless and inventive.  I find them far more interesting than sparrows.

For anyone interested, a YouTube video of a crows bullying a lion is here.

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