Sunday, 24 April 2016

Sticky Problem

I am failing at sticking castors onto a trolley with superglue. I knocked against the edge and the dratted things came off.  I may use gaffer tape.  It just has to be enough to wheel around for an afternoon.  I'm happy to do whatever it takes, because if the church don't want it, it's off to the tip.  I've had a second go.  I'd screw them in, but the castors over lap the feet of the trolley.  I'm considering my options.  My next step is industrial strength bad language.

We have just had a hail shower.  I was wondering about putting some bedding plants in next week, but the weather forecast isn't good.  I may have to scrape snow off the soil before planting.  It is a sad reminder.  The shop where I would get them used to be run by a lady who was always good for a cup of conversation and I often called in.  She was taken ill the week of father's funeral and died soon after.  Her husband is keeping things going.  It was the place father got all the bedding plants.  It's another milestone.

I am surprised at the reminders I keep getting.  We were discussing going to visit Haigh's Farm shop which does amazing deals on meat that only a short time before was in the fields surrounding the shop.  The meat is lovely quality as well.  DH and I were both reminded of how much father enjoyed visiting there and loading up with all sorts of bits.  They have amazing sheepskin rugs as well, which may be connected to the amazing joints of lamb they sell.  We decided to wait until we could afford the new freezer, which has to come after the new fridge (a bit on the warm side, just about within recommended limits) and that has to wait until after I have bought a chair I can sit in for the living room.  The current one makes my leg worse.

I'm going to have to stay off eBay.

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  1. I hope you were able to get the casters to stick on with the industrial strength bad language! :D

    And I hope you get a new chair soon. You need to have your leg get better before you can do anything else.

    As for the reminders...(((HUGS)))