Thursday, 7 April 2016

Checking the Checkout

I failed on an epic scale when I didn't do the final checkout properly for the Tesco order, the order that was supposed to have all the stuff in that I missed off.  It was more random than the average order.  It included a pack of Corn Grits, which not only failed to include cooking instructions but also had the warning 'may contain traces of Gluten' on the packaging.  I daren't risk it, my leg is still so sore.

The order was thirty minutes early, but that was okay, as bear made sure I was awake at the first cough of the sparrow.

Then I failed to catch up with all I wanted to do today and found an ant on the table during dinner.

However I have caught up with the washing up for the first time since before Christmas.  Standing up to do it was an issue, but I am finally getting there.  We had a nice, home cooked dinner.  Bear has stuffed himself with fruit and veg as well as chocolate.  His hand is a lot better.

Things could be a lot worse.

Witch Hazel - you can't buy the gift cards online, they have to be bought in a Morrison's store, so it is only really worth it if you are dropping in to the store anyway and it doesn't lead you to impulse buy.  DH checked today, they have the Amazon gift cards and they are included in the offer.  He said he would pick one up next time he needed petrol.  I have done the 'subscribe and save' thingy on Amazon so that I get the gluten free oat cakes that I love on a repeating order.  The oat cakes are the same price as Tesco, but the subscribe and save knocks 5% off the total and the postage is free, so I get the amount of oatcakes I need for a month for around £34.  By the time I add in one of our favourite woodwick candles which last around a month (and are about the same price as anywhere) then you are looking at £50 per month on Amazon, which is 5p per litre off.  However DH goes into Morrisons most mornings and tops up with fuel at Morrisons petrol station anyway and we use Amazon for at least £50 a month, then it is worth it.  It is just making sure that we don't spend more than we would save.  I wish I had spent this much mental effort on making sure I checked the Tesco order out properly.

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  1. Glad to hear Bear is recovering well. Hope your leg gets better, soon.