Monday, 4 April 2016

Bear's Been Done

Bear has had the operation to release the trigger thumb.  

He had to fast from the night before and be in the hospital by 7.30am.  So bear had his dinner a little later than normal, @ 7pm on Sunday night and then went to bed.  We left the house early as city centre traffic on Monday morning can be grim.  We arrived on the ward at 6.50am and bear and DH had a great time playing board games until it was time to go onto the ward itself.

Bear was one of the oldest, so he was one of the last on the list, and there was an emergency which took staff away from the theatre.  We understand that.  However we should have been home by noon.  As it was I had to comfort a distressed, hungry and thirsty nine year old until 4.45pm before he was taken to theatre.  By the time he came back and had his first sips of a smoothie it had been nearly 24 hours fasting, far longer than necessary.  I know that it won't kill him, and that it was a blip in a very pampered life compared to so many children in the world.  That doesn't make it easy.  

Regardless of that, the operation was a success and bear is now flat out in bed.  I am on high alert with the monitor but I am confident that he will be fine tomorrow.

I don't blame the staff, the doctors and nurses were wonderful with bear and very kind, even saving him his favourite tuna sandwich for afterwards.  I do think that there has to be a better way of doing this.  One poor kid, around three years old, had the whole procedure cancelled for the second time, after their parents had taken time off work and they had been almost as long as bear without food and drink - far worse for a little one!

Tomorrow bear has plans to eat lots.  I have plans to keep a close eye on him and give him plenty of cuddles.  DH is back in work tomorrow but has been an absolute rock today.

Thank you for all the good wishes.  They are very much appreciated indeed!


  1. So sorry for the unexpected delay and the longer fasting period. But glad to hear all went well with the surgery and he's home, now, recovering.

  2. So glad it went ok in the end for him. I haven't been in blogland much lately so I have missed a few posts. Often think of you all, though, so pleased that this has been done. Best wishes to bear for a speedy recovery now xxx