Saturday, 30 April 2016

I Have No Stamina

I've not been active for a while for a number of reasons, mainly health.  It is showing.

Do you remember the picture of the trainers after an hour?  I posted it on 25 March.  They are now completely trashed.  Not only has bear made a habit of playing football in the pouring rain but the dog from next door but one has had a play with them.  Due to various circumstances, bear was having an unexpected night with my sister in law, who dresses very nicely, so I had to send him in something respectable.

My feet touched the pavement in town around 10:30am.  I got on the bus around 1pm.  I didn't sit down, I didn't have a cuppa or a break.  Instead I went round and round and round and round trying to find trainers for bear.  I also needed to get shoes for me, as I didn't have a pair that I could wear and that looked half way decent but I only had about five minutes before I absolutely needed to get on the bus home.  I managed to get most of what I needed and staggered back.  My feet were on fire, my back hurt and I was frazzled from a shopping in a very crowded city centre.  I do like Leeds, though.  There was a stage set up in Briggate and a rock group were playing.  About twenty yards behind the stage someone was playing an accordion.  Briggate was more crowded than usual and you had to pick your way through.

Here is a picture of Briggate from WikiCommons.  It was a lot more crowded today.  Incidentally, it is the same width now as it was when it was set out in 1205.  The stage with the rock group playing loudly was about where the photographer was standing, and the accordion a few yards behind.

At 2.15pm I was out of the door again and took bear to the Tea Party for the Queen's birthday at the Methodist Church.  As I got through the door, I was nabbed.  The person who was down to do the 'Roll the Tuppences' game for the kids hadn't shown so could I help out.  Of course I could.  So I herded the kids who were shooting tuppences down the slots like guided missiles, made change, kept an eye on bear, made and poured quantities of tea and kept moving.

I staggered in around 4.30pm, having made around £1 profit on the twopennies (but the kids loved it) and now I need to get fed and ready - I am off tonight to see Macbeth.  I didn't find out it was on until yesterday so there was some scrabbling around for someone to look after bear and did I have anything fit to wear?

I am not going to be fit for rags tomorrow.  I have no stamina at all!

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  1. That was quite a lot to pack into one day! You've been on your feet from morning till evening! I'd say you have plenty of stamina! Hope you enjoyed the show. And do sit with your feet up and rest, tomorrow.