Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Not Strong Tea

That is the strength of tea I have been taking.  There are a lot of very rude ways that traditionally describe tea not much darker than the cup it sits in, but I will settle for meh.  I went to the Coffee Stop at church yesterday and when they asked me how I wanted it I told them I wanted it pathetic.

I've never had strong tea anyway, and I am doing okay actually, but it isn't helping my leg.  It is still quite sore.  It could be worse.  I may be rationing chocolate (which contains caffeine) but I haven't given it up altogether.

Yesterday we went to IKEA and bear desperately hinted at getting another stuffed toy.  He is not short of soft toys.  His bed is filled with them.  It is ridiculous.  You can barely move for plush.  The bottom of his wardrobe is two foot deep in toys (not exaggerating) and there are two ridiculously large pandas in the top room.  And he loves them all! He has names for them.  He has intricate histories and relationships and complicated family trees.  They are not going anywhere soon.  I can live with him keeping a large heap of fake fur friends but I really don't want him to add to them.  Mind you, IKEA toys are wonderful to cuddle.

I've written a poem for the Light and Shade Challenge which is here, if you are interested.  It's interesting.  The last few bits I have put up have been quite dark, but I'm actually in quite a positive mood.

Edited to add - I've also done this.  Anything to put off the furniture moving I really need to do.

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  1. I'm sorry you have to drink such weak tea. My coffee is mostly milk, but my tea needs to be strong.

    I loved both pieces of writing that you did. Thank you for linking them.