Thursday, 14 April 2016

Learning from Those who have Done It

I love stationery.  I love notelets and notebooks and fancy pens.  I love all the quirky sharpeners and rulers and funny trays.  As I was browsing I found links to places that would, for a payment, send you a monthly box of stationery goodies.  I am feeling particularly low and it really appealed.  It was just the knowledge that I had too much stuff already, I had nowhere to put any other stuff and both DH and I would probably cry if more stuff came in that stopped me signing up.

This afternoon I opened an envelope.  Someone from father's Church put an envelope through the door with the details of what to do for a particular thing I had volunteered to do.  The envelope was a thin, utilitarian thing, which is great as far as I'm concerned.  I am all in favour of inexpensive.  However the note with the details was on a piece of card that looked like the top quarter of the front of a used Christmas card, around two inches by four inches.

That is a standard I should aim for.

(She is a really lovely lady as well, who visited father all the time and deserves a medal for all she does for others)

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  1. Each to her own. Nothing wrong with using things that make you happy, I say, whether it is pretty stationery or repurposing old cards.