Tuesday, 19 April 2016


There was a toad in the middle of our road this afternoon and I didn't have my phone on me to take a picture.  If I had felt more confident I would have brought it back to our garden to get rid of the dratted slugs.  It was just there, completely exposed and motionless, in the middle of the dry street.  It didn't seem harmed, and was gone when we got back from the school pick up.  I have never seen one outside of a zoo before.  I hope the heron didn't get it.

I am determined to take my phone tomorrow.  On a very rough and ready patch of ground, strewn with rubbish, there is a drift of violets.  All this nature around me in a drab corner of a city.

Bear's thumb continues to heal.  He will be using it to try avoid homework later, but he is managing fine with the Xbox.  He'll get on with the homework, whether he likes it or not.

My leg is very bad indeed, and my mental health has crashed badly, but actually the sun is shining and bear is doing fine.

My next target, when I can face it, is to strip back the kitchen and dining room.  I have noticed some ants but I can't see where they are getting in.  That is more nature than I am prepared to deal with, especially in my kitchen.

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  1. How unusual to find a toad in the middle of the road! Glad to hear Bear's thumb is doing well. Sorry to hear about your leg and mental health. Hope you feel better, soon. (((HUGS)))