Saturday, 16 April 2016

Warm Fridge

Bless - thanks for all the links for the caffeine.  I've been tootling around and having a grumble.  I am way, way over the 400mg.  We are looking between 600 and 800mg daily, which isn't good and the caffeine could be affecting my leg.  I found a link which said that most caffeine was released in the first 30 seconds, so you pour the boiling water on, wait 30 seconds, remove the tea bag, discard the first brew, pour on fresh boiling water and drink.  I like my tea weak, but even I thought this was limp.  There are a lot of British expressions for tea that is too weak, many of them very rude.  I used all of them.  It was desperately bad.

Yesterday was a caffeine fail, and I don't expect much better today.

We have a warm fridge.  Yesterday I was doing a clear out of the fridge and realised that the packet of turkey rashers was not only within date, but was 'blown' with the packet swollen.  Then I realised that the packet was at room temperature.  I checked the temperature setting on the fridge and it had been knocked down to the lowest setting so I quickly put it up to the top temperature and crossed my fingers.  It is cooler this morning, but not desperately cold which it should be on the top setting.  Darn.  It should have been cooler than room temperature, even at a low setting.  It was actually quite a comfortable temperature which has left me concerned about the rest of the contents.

I am stressing about the dratted fridge.  My main coping mechanisms involve caffeine.  My secondary coping mechanisms involve spending random money on eBay.  I can't afford to spend any money if I need to buy a new fridge.  I am considering how I use my fridge.  I don't want to do without one.

I'll cheer myself up by buying an inexpensive fridge thermometer.  If I am being dippy, a fridge thermometer will be cheaper than a fridge.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your fridge! Hope setting the temperature control back up works - it might take some time if it had been knocked down to the low setting for a long time. But a fridge thermometer would be a good idea.

    As for the caffeine, you might have to reduce the quantity very gradually, over several days, if not weeks. Reduce the amount by 1-2 cups a day, if possible. Maybe alternate with herbal teas as they are supposed to be lower in caffeine. Good luck with lowering the caffeine!