Wednesday, 6 April 2016

It's been a long day and it's only lunch time

Bear is playing on the Xbox with his pal.  They are bickering and generally messing around.  Bear has not asked for pain relief and is looking remarkably chirpy.

I am not feeling quite so chirpy.  Our alarm, that has not functioned properly for a decade, went off at 4.55 am.  I was unimpressed and could barely remember the code.  I hadn't got my glasses on either and I am not sure how I managed to turn it off.  Bear and I were unimpressed.  However I was awake enough to get the bin out in time for the bin men so that was something.

My leg is bad.  I really need to get back to the doctor, but I am not sure I can face it.  I'll wait and see how it stands up to the ironing.

So far I have managed to change some bedding and I am starting to get back to a place where I could consider the possibility of starting the 30 day to a clean and organised house again.  Not this week, though.

One good side of the Xbox.  The lads are so busy playing that they are only hoovering up large quantities of treats instead of the lorry loads that they previously devoured.

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  1. So glad to hear that Bear continues to recover well. But sorry to hear that your leg is still painful. A visit to the dr. might be a good idea, if you can manage it. Try to iron while sitting down, if at all possible.