Thursday, 28 April 2016

Reasons to Write

I do more if I write.  It is a statistical fact.  On the back of two poems and a 100 word flash fiction entry I filed my tax return and finished a shrug I have been faffing with since Christmas.  I have written another 100 Flash Fiction (here, if you're interested) and wonder what it will fire me to do.  It should at least get me through the washing up.

I am still baffled by bear.  This morning he explained to me that the Class Assembly had been a bit rushed and about a pump that had been painted, weeded, kicked by a bully but when the person built it there was already a spider inside.  I have absolutely no idea what he is on about.  I have tried Google and all I got was a story about a man setting fire to a gas station as there was a spider in the gas pump.  I'll try again tonight.

I need to be very careful.  I've switched to drinking cans of diet cola instead of bottles, as it's easier to ration.  Entirely by coincidence I found a YouTube video about how to make chain mail from the tabs on cans of pop.  I don't need chain mail.  I certainly don't need to build up a stash of tabs.

For those interested, or who can't believe that it actually exists, here's the link.  There are some wonderful things on the internet - they make me wonder if I'll have time to have a go.

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