Wednesday, 13 April 2016


Bear has spilt a tub of Irish curry over the carpet in the study.

He likes a buttie from the local chip shop and they have something that is known as 'Irish Curry' which is apparently what the tub says on the side.  I am not exactly sure what is in the curry but the colour suggests a lot of mustard or turmeric and I don't think I will ever get it out of the carpet.

My first concern was actually for bear as the hot sauce had splashed on his leg and I had to get the sock off and run his leg under the cold tap in the bath.  Bear was distraught - because he had really been looking forward to that Irish curry and it was all my fault for forcing him to pour the sauce over all by himself.

I think I am going to have to bring forward the new carpet/laminate in the study.  I could cry.  I really don't want to spend the money.  However it isn't just the spilt curry that will permanently stain and probably scent the air.  The entire carpet is in such a bad way.  There are holes down to the boards, stains, bald patches and a lot of ingrained dust.  It was never the easiest carpet to clean anyway and I have made less effort than I should over the last twenty years.

And I know how much trouble it is going to be to move all the furniture round and sort all the stuff out and I know that I am just going to have to get on with it.  I'm not sure I can actually move all the furniture and I don't have any neighbours I can ask any more.

Well, I can't do anything straight away (leg is really bad) and I can thoroughly enjoy having a look around to see what the options are.  Besides, how hard can it be to fit laminate (says the person who doesn't trust herself to be accurate enough to cut patches for a quilt...)

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  1. Sorry to hear about the spilt curry! Glad Bear is unhurt even if he was distraught over his lost curry sauce! Good luck with the carpet replacement. Maybe just get a big area rug and put it over the existing carpet!