Wednesday, 20 April 2016


I am trying to reduce the caffeine still.  I am not finding it easy and my leg is murder at the moment.  I remembered the bins needed to go out half an hour after midnight. 

However I got some pictures of what I think are wild violets, next to a set of traffic lights where a load of rubbish got dumped by passing motorists and the Christmas floods.  

I'll try and get some better pics tomorrow, 

I also got the Light and Shade Challenge set up.  If anyone enjoys creative writing and would like to go there is a picture, a quotation and a limit of 500 words in a week.  You don't have to write a full 500 words, and we don't check if you go over.  The link is here if anyone is interested.  

Now I need to work on the washing.  Bear has to wear red, white and blue tomorrow for the Queen's birthday and on Friday he is wearing a green t-shirt because of some reason that has escaped me but it seemed sensible when I saw the letter.  The way my leg is feeling it will be washing, ironing and extreme bad language.  

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  1. Isn't nature amazing? It looks like you are deep in the country side, from those pictures! Too bad about the litter, but we have that here, too.

    Hope your leg feels better soon.