Sunday 7 February 2016

A Less Good Day

There is always a good side.  I have just cleared a counter and rethought how I can store stuff.  I am starting the 30 day to a cleaner house again tomorrow.  This means that I need to get some serious work going on.  The kitchen counters are a serious issue as when someone is living in the house behind us, it is often too damp to use the cupboards so everything gets left on the side.  I can work on that.

I've been re-reading the book and there will be a few interesting days ahead.  One day, I think it is Day Twenty Six but it will show as I go along, I am supposed to wash all the blankets.  I have swathes of blankets.  I have four on the sofa, a few on each chair, small ones on bear's computer chair, on the beds, in cupboards just in case their needed on the beds, and at least three still wrapped - I'm not washing the wrapped ones!  I can manage it.  I may have to plan carefully and hope for a good drying day.

However once I am in the rhythm I am hoping that I will have some good habits formed and the house will work well.

I have also done something interesting to my knee and the drain outside the kitchen has backed up.  That is not so good.  I think I am having a good day, just a less good day.

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