Monday 8 February 2016

Bear is Becoming a Medium Bear

When I first started blogging I called bear, 'little bear'.  It was a nickname that stuck from the cuddly, playful, sunny baby that I brought home from the hospital.  I dropped the 'little' part around the time when bear started school.  I thought it was important to recognise that he was getting bigger and more autonomous.

Today, for the first time, bear was happy to skip night time songs.  It's probably only tonight, as DH is out so bear doesn't get a story.  Tomorrow the routine will continue as we have another chapter of A Horse and his Boy (by CS Lewis who could really write) which will be followed by the songs, but I suspect we have set a precedent.  It's just a significant moment because bear has always insisted on songs, and even extra songs if he wasn't getting a story.

Now that bear is in Year 4 he is getting to big and cool for mum kisses.  I can't kiss him goodbye in the morning as I drop him off anymore.  I have to sneak them in before we leave the house.  I have been uneasily waiting for this, as most of the cool dudes stopped kisses a while ago.  There are not so many hugs.

I suppose bear is now becoming a Medium Bear.  Before I know I will have a hulking, awkward, independent teenage with hollow legs hanging around.  I going to sneak in as many cuddles as I can, while I can.

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