Friday 12 February 2016

Bear is Awesome

Bear has got an honourable mention in the Special Book at school.  Each teacher gets to nominate two children in the class each week and somehow bear has got a multiple entry.  I am still not sure exactly what he has done, and I suspect that bear may be overstating a little, but he is still in the Special Book and therefore is an awesome bear.  He also brought home a free book for completing ten reading journals (not sure exactly what that means either) so he ended the week on a high.

Normally bear gets treats for stuff like the Special Book, good reports and good parents' evenings.  We are stuck, though, today as bear doesn't actually want anything.  He's good for nerf guns, he has forty eight BeastQuest books, he is good for toys and he loathes leaving the house unless for maths or in extreme necessity.  I'm running out of ideas for days out.  Bear would much rather stay in.

It's a wonderful dilemma to have.  DH and I have both told bear that we are incredibly proud of him.  Once bear has slept on it, I'm confident he will be inspired.  I can't wait to find out!

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  1. Congratulations, Bear! They have things like Student of the Month, here. Very often, parents display bumper stickers on their cars that state their child is "a Star at XYZ school", etc.