Wednesday 17 February 2016

Darn it to Heck - Again!

When will I learn?  The internet is not a safe place.  I should have some sort of controls set - I can't be trusted!

I've reached the bottom of the ironing basket (although I need to empty the dryer, I have hangers and rack full and the washing machine needs emptying so that won't last).  I found a pile of clothes that bear has grown out of, including a really nice shirt.  I got it as part of an inexpensive bundle from eBay (of course), about four years ago.  It was originally from River Island and it washed and wore, and wore and washed for a long time.  Bear always looked good in it.  I can't really pass it on as there is pen on it, although there is a lot of wear left in the fabric.

I put it to one side, thinking I would cut the buttons off and throw the fabric out.  Then I looked at it, and remembered that I had succumbed to the book on upcycling shirts, so I dug that out.  Nothing in there called to me, so I had a look on the internet.  Darn it to Heck!  There are dozens and dozens of ideas out there, including a heap for re-using old t-shirts.  I had put the t-shirts ready for the charity shop.  Now all I want to do is go through them all and re-purpose them.  But I already have eleventy twelve projects waiting for me!  Darn it, darn it, darn it!

I quite like the look of the produce bags on here, but I don't actually have any tops that would be used for them, and I really, really, really do not want to go out and get some.

I have to get those old clothes out of here quickly or I will have them marked down for a Project and they will never see the light of day again!


  1. Some of those recycled clothing projects are very clever, aren't they? My daughter just went through her closet and set aside some items for donation - maybe I'll go through them and see what I can take to repurpose!

  2. Stay strong, don't keep them!

    Imagine that you've cut your hand really badly, it's gushing blood, and you have to go to A&E to get it stitched up. On the way to the hospital, you see a sign offering you a free manicure. Very tempting - but probably best to get the cut hand fixed, before trying to take up an offer of a manicure!

    You'll still be recycling the clothes if you DON'T turn them into a project... you can add the project to your list of things to try later, once you're in control. ANd by then, you'll have more clothes ready to repurpose anyway.

    You're doing a great job.