Tuesday 23 February 2016

Bear is Not Happy

Bear is having issues with his shoes.  He has been complaining bitterly but there is a lot of room in the shoes.  The very nice lady in shoes said that his shoes were fine, he didn't need another pair and had someone at school got a new pair.  I suspect, after hearing this, that his socks may be tight.  We called in at BHS but the socks were £8 for a pack of three, and I just couldn't.  However on the same trip we picked up the world book day outfit he wanted, a snap band and had dinner at Spudulike.

So I am going to check in Matalan tomorrow and then if there is no luck there have a quick look on Amazon Prime for a swift delivery.

Bear however has already broken the snap band and also has a graze on his elbow from school.  It is a cracking one, very red, and the teacher had put a plaster on it - which bear removed immediately he left school because he allegedly couldn't bend his arm.  Now he is grumbling because it is sore, and also he is tired.

I am not looking forward to exchanging the snap band, but it's the principle for bear.


  1. Ooh, SpudULike, that brings back good memories! Do you remember the Victoria Wood sketch, where she described going out to spudyYOUlickAY?

    1. I remember that! Always had a soft spot for Spudyoulikay and it has swathes of gluten free stuff, even with the fillings. So reassured! There is a Roman hypocaust running through the downstairs part of the Chester one. x