Thursday 18 February 2016

I Can Not Just...

I suffer from 'I can just...' syndrome.  I will look at something, thing about something and the next thing you know I say to myself, 'I can just...'  It rarely ends well.

I bought a load of Grade C denim shirts.  I think I had my money's worth, cutting them up, sorting them, washing and pressing them, getting them into strips.  I had a lot of fun, but though I would love the denim rag rug, I was never going to do it.  I was never going to get that rag rug finished.  I thought about the two string method, I thought about using the non-slip mesh method.  It wasn't going to happen.  I've binned the lot.  I need them out of the house before I weaken, but I have got to look reality in the face.  I need the space and the ability to clean.

However something I can just do is get my tray cloth embroidered.  And the sooner that is finished, the better.


  1. You did well to get rid of something you were never going to finish! I'd hate to admit just how many unfinished projects I have, waiting patiently for the day I'll take them out again! I should do as you did and get rid of a few of them! Hope you get your tray cloth embroidered soon.

  2. Oh well done Sybil! I appreciate how hard that was to do, and I think it's a really big step forward.