Saturday 6 February 2016

Why Do I Want To?

I have replaced the pillows on bear's bed.  I had put this off for some time, as bear doesn't bother much with pillows.  He usually sleeps next to them.  However when I changed the pillowcases last week I actually noticed them.  They were a poor example of a pillow, flat and limp with miscellaneous stains.  I don't allow food in the bedrooms, but stuff slips through occasionally.

I got the pillows relatively inexpensively, and these ones may be worth washing.  The ones that they replace are not.  The filling is grinding down to dust and the cover wasn't robust to start with.  At the moment they look like distasteful placemats. I quickly removed them so that bear couldn't declare an emotional attachment so that they had to be kept.  So why do I have to sit on my hands to stop myself from washing them before throwing them out?

I am tempted to succumb, just to do a 'before and after' pic.  I expect they would still be flat, just a lot lighter.  I think the shame of the state they got into will stop me.

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