Tuesday 16 February 2016

Grumbling along

I was wondering how to distract a bear who is under the weather when his pal called.  All I need to do now is keep the snacks coming.  I provide healthy snacks, which bear vacuums up, but his pal prefers the high salt/high fat/high sugar stuff.  I provide that as well.

I am going to have to get some new scales.  I cannot be having with the ones I am using.  The Lakeland scales had lasted years but finally gave up the will to weigh a few months ago.  I found another set of scales from a while ago and I've been using them - but they are driving me crazy!  I can't see the dratted read out because the dratted scales are in the dratted way.  The platform for the bowl/plate etc goes over the display and I can't tell if it is grams or ounces.  Mind you, the reason the apple crumble was so disappointing the other day was because I forgot to set the temperature on the new combination oven, the crumble measured okayish.

Tesco have some inexpensive scales.  I've always preferred an electronic scale since a spider to stuck between the perspex cover and the needle on the old style scales.  I suppose it will do.  I'll put them on the next order and just continue to use the current scales with extra bad language.

Speaking of measuring, I am without a tape measure.  Bear has a habit of acquiring my tape measures and I caught him with a cloth tape measure, stretching it out between his hands to strengthen himself.  So much for accurate measuring!  I'll have to pick one up from eBay - and lock it up!

Bear is far more expert than I at curtain twitching.  Yesterday he complained about someone scraping the wall (next door repointing) and today he spotted the waste team truck 'blocking the road' - the truck was a little way out.  Apparently something is Being Done about the bins where there was such an amazing argument the other day.  I am just hoping he doesn't shout up with all of a nine year old's indignation about the weed smoking in the street.

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  1. I'm glad that bear has a friend visiting to keep him company, although it does sound like bear is more than capable of keeping himself occupied. ;) Nice of you to provide the friend with the type of snacks that he prefers.

    I hope you get yourself a good scales. I have one that measures in lbs. and kg. (and occasionally I get the 2 mixed up with interesting results!) and a "dietetic" one that measures on ounces (and grams, too, perhaps? Must look at it again). Both very useful when I use British recipes (American recipes use cups).

    As for measuring tapes, well, mine seem to go walking on their own! I have several and can never find them when I need one!