Tuesday 16 February 2016

Here's a Wall I Cleaned Earlier

This looks like the tell-tale sign of a desperate act.  Actually it's where bear trailed his hand when he was complaining that I was forcing him to actually come down into the actual kitchen if he wanted to get a treat.

In addition I have no idea how I am going to clean bear's window.  There are several impact marks on the outside made by a very muddy tennis ball.  This window is two and a half stories up and only opens outwards.  What is worse is that the rain practically never lands on the window as the wind direction is very much along the street.  Unless and until I track down a window cleaner that is willing to go up quite high ladders, I am stuffed.  I am also unimpressed.  There will be words spoken to bear's pal.

The front door looks like it has been attacked by a mud monster and the porch is beyond description.

I am actually quite glad that bear and his pal are not just hanging around the computer, but are getting some healthy exercise and fresh air.  I'm not really grumbling about the dirt.  It's what small boys do.  Football happens.  The muddy marks may not be appropriate in a house that is going to be cleaned under the 30 day to a clean and organised home plan, but it feels like I am doing something right.

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  1. I am reminded of when my daughter (then aged about 5) wrote on the wall. I stood over her while she washed the wall until the marks were erased. Interestingly, she never wrote on the wall after that.