Tuesday 23 February 2016

Making New Friends

I have often mentioned that eBay is my friend.  There have been some extremely odd results from that friendship, but I do have plans for the 90 ties and I've had some bargains as well.

Now I seem to be getting cosy with Amazon Prime.  Amazon isn't as much fun as eBay, but it has a good spread of oddness.  Did you know that you can buy slow match on there, and pure magnesium (not telling bear that! - apparently it can be used for starting fires in difficult conditions) and wallpaper as well as books.  I am coveting this wallpaper though I have no idea what I would do with it.  Put it on a wall, I suppose.

The Prime membership is @ £80 per year, which we thought about, but it is useful as I am picking up a lot of gluten free stuff from there and if you use suppliers that are used by Amazon Prime then delivery is free and next day.  It is not helping impulse control if I know I can get something gorgeous so quickly.  So the membership is likely to be outweighed by the savings in delivery charges but that has to be offset by the increase in spending on random things.  They do all sorts of craft things as well.

The one thing that I am really glad of is the tv and film.  I am currently mesmerised by the made for Amazon series Lucifer.  It's about the devil moving to Los Angeles.  I don't think it is theologically sound, but it is very entertaining.  So hopefully instead of impulse shopping I can watch a programme instead.  That alone would be worth £80 per year.  Amazon Prime could really be my new best friend.

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  1. As someone living in Los Angeles, I'd have thought the devil already lived here! But good luck with that new best friend!