Saturday 27 February 2016

So Much for That

I did the stall at the Table Top Sale at the church.  I made a net profit, after paying for the table, a dvd that bear saw, a ticket for the tombola, bear's generous bacon sandwich and a rather nice pair of candlesticks, of around £1.  I left everything that was unsold for the next church jumble sale.  It was definitely an excuse and a push to get rid of things, rather than make money.

The hall was freezing, though, so I am going to settle down and hang out with bear for a quiet afternoon.


  1. Well, as long as you were not out of pocket, I guess it was alright! As a child, I read a story in which the boy and the girl in the story donated two of their toys (a wagon and a doll) to a church rummage sale and then, liked them so much that they bought them back! Why I still remember that story, I don't know, except, perhaps, it was the first time I read about a rummage sale and it made an impression on me?