Wednesday 17 February 2016

Visit from the Water Board

A man from the Water Board called this morning.  There have been lots of public information films about men pretending to be from the Water Board, one keeping the old person talking while the other 'turns on taps upstairs' and picks up whatever is lying around.  However this was a man in a Yorkshire Water Van, wearing a logo covered Yorkshire Water Uniform, with a badge and a clipboard.  He told me he was from the Water Board and dropped his papers.

Apparently there is a legal requirement for the Water Board to check water quality.  He took some samples, squirted sodium hydrochloride up the tap, took some more samples and was very, very nervous all the way through.  I felt for him.  I suspect lots of people don't like being sampled.

In fact, I have never met someone so nervous to be in my home.  He was absolutely on pins.  I was pleasant enough, didn't interfere or ask awkward questions but the poor lad was a wreck.  I was glad when he left, as I was becoming stressed just by watching him twitch.

I have just fed bear and his pal, which should keep them going for an hour or so.  There are serious negotiations ongoing about exactly whose turn it is and on what game.  I am staying out of it.

I still haven't found my surgical spirit.  I suspect I put it somewhere safe.

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