Wednesday 3 February 2016

Caught Him!

The dratted curtains are so far off their dratted hooks that I don't think I can get the dratted things back up.

On the comparatively bright side, I've worked out what is happening.  This morning bear waved goodbye to DH through the window, pushing aside the curtain to do so.  The curtain caught on the back of bear's chair.  When bear went to get dressed, he swung around and the chair pulled the curtain. There was an awful crack and one of the remaining curtain hooks broke.  Bear was completely baffled that I should find this stressful.

The solution to keep my curtains up lies, on the whole, with bear.  I can try to bear-proof my curtains, but unless I can convince a nine year old boy to actually pay attention to what he is doing and respect soft furnishings I am fighting the odds.  It isn't impossible to get a nine year old boy to respect soft furnishings, but it is not easy.  I ought to be thinking, 'challenge accepted.'  I am actually thinking, 'darn it to heck'.

Last night as I was considering tab top curtains (wouldn't work as the pole is right against the ceiling so there would be a gap at the top) or ring top curtains (would have to buy ready made and I'm not sure I want to go through that again) but if bear is pulling on the curtains it could bring the whole curtain pole down.

I tried to take a photo of the curtain, but the light is too bright outside.  I found this picture on Wiki Commons, which gave me curtain envy.

I also found a story on the BBC about a domestic cat being mistaken for a leopard in Chelmsford here.  It cheered me up.

I've no idea what to do now.   It may well start with grounding bear.

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