Monday 8 February 2016

Back to Day One

Doing okay actually.

I'm not doing the spice cupboard again, but I'm working through the Daily Cleaning List and I'm finding the Bullet Journal useful.  I've been on to the Water Board and chased up a missing duvet.

I am considering a pot plant or two.  They are supposed to be healthy, and geraniums are supposed to be good at absorbing formaldehyde, at least, according to this article on the BBC website.  I adore scented geraniums, and it would be great to have a few.  What more could I want - something I want that is good for my health.  The two problems are that there are not many good places to keep a sun loving plant in the house and also DH isn't as keen.  At least we no longer have cats ready to prune anything green.

It's probably the wrong time of year anyway.

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