Tuesday 9 February 2016

Having a Beige Day

I can't really get up to much (ironing and pulling out the fridge) because I am on pins to see if the Water Board call, and if they do I don't want miss their knock.

I have started embroidering a tray cloth.  If I am successful I will share.  I bought it online (of course) and didn't realise that the edge was unfinished.  I have to buttonhole around the edge and then trim.  I am not looking forward to that!  I have started the buttonhole, after refreshing my memory on YouTube, and I am not convinced.  Still, it keeps my hands busy.

I have some ready made pancakes in the fridge, and I am considering making Toad in the Hole for dinner, in the spirit of using up eggs.

I am feeling very flat and restless.  In the past this has led me to be more random than normal.  I am sitting on my hands and avoiding eBay, just in case.

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