Tuesday 2 February 2016

Not a Good Start to the Day

The dratted curtain has been pulled off another dratted ring.  I think if I'm going to keep the dratted curtains at the dratted window I'm going to have to nail them to the frame!  Bear swore he hadn't touched them.  I was wondering if 8.22 am was too early for strong drink.

The school run was far too windy.  It felt like I was taking a brisk walk through a Dyson hand-dryer and I came in reeling.  I was so stunned by the wind - which is far less than many parts of the UK - that I tried to hang my keys on the light switch.

The wind is bad at the moment.  There are overturned wheelie bins outside the flats and the laurel 'bushes' across the road are really being shaken.  I dread to think what it must be like for the poor people in Scotland.

Odd piece of information.  Vampire bats, the little ones in Central America and not the fictional ones in films, are altruistic.  The details are a bit gruesome, but vampire bats will share with those not related to themselves and prioritise the most desperate.  This puts them above some people I know.

The curtains are driving me demented.

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