Monday 22 February 2016

Bear Needs Watching

Bear was lounging without any apparent bones and asked me for some biscuits.
'Sure, help yourself out of the treat cupboard.' I said.
'Can't you go and get them for me?' asked bear wistfully.  'I'm very tired.'
'Nope.' I said, trying to work out what I was doing with a Tesco order.
'I won't have any biscuits if you won't get them for me.' Bear said plaintively.
'That's okay,' I said briskly.  There was a pause.

'I'll go and get the biscuits, but will you make me some Milo.' bear said with a sunny smile.  This was cunning.
'Okay, I'll make you Milo, and while I'm down there I may as well pick up the biscuits.'  Bear had won that round.

Later this evening, I had a word with bear.  'Why don't I show you how to make yourself a cup of Milo?' I said.  Milo is a little like Ovaltine, made with warm milk and has alleged health benefits.  I can't have it as it has gluten in, but I did have a little before hand and it is gorgeous.  There's a link here.  Bear did quite a good job, under supervision, but I'm not sure I'll get the table cloth clean.  I am reluctant for bear to use a kettle as I don't like little ones standing on chairs in kitchens, and to fill and use the kettle would be a stretch without and I worry about scalds.  The microwave is much easier to reach and with a little sense it should be fine.  Bear has lost a tactic to get me running up and down stairs, but I'm confident that he will come up with something else.

Bear is actually remarkably hard to bribe.  DH offered to put the up to date Microsoft suite on his computer if bear would practise the piano.  Bear declined.  We told him to practice anyway.  He hammered out a few bars and then sulked when he was called 'bear minimum'.

Finally he stomped into the room.  'I feel that when I am asked to do piano practice that I am being forced to do something I don't want.' he said, with an air of injustice.  DH and I looked at each other.
'Yes, you are being forced to do something you don't want,' we said, almost in unison.  'And it isn't stopping.'

Bear is unimpressed.  I'm just waiting to see what his next move will be.

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  1. Bear likes maths, right? Music used to be considered part of a maths curriculum. You just need to persuade Bear that music is part of maths and practicing the piano will lead to improvements in maths. Maybe the maths tutor needs to be brought into the discussion, too, with just how music contributes to maths. :)