Tuesday 9 February 2016

Mathematically Challenged

It's the dratted 30 day clean.  Day 10 has instructions that use Oxyclean.  I think that could be an American brand.  Tesco have Oxi Powder, which is probably the same - a powder that has a bleaching action and stain removal for laundry.  Here is the challenge.  Do I buy 500g for £2.20 or 1kg for £3?

The same product, Tesco Oxi Powder, is £4.40 per kilo if I buy 500g, but only £3 per kilo if I buy a 1kg drum.  So buying 1kg is cheaper if you look at it as price per gram.  However if I buy 1kg of Oxi Powder instead of 500g I will still have spent 80p more.  I suppose I could look at it as if I buy one 500g pack of Oxi Powder for £2.20 and get the second for 80p, and both in the same pot.

I have washing soda in already and I am not in a hurry to build up cleaning supplies.  I'll get the 500g pot and save 80p.  It isn't a common requirement, and I don't think I'll use it quickly.

The next expenditure on the 30 day Clean may be a vacuum.  The author seems to assume a lot of different attachments and flexibility.  Mine has no attachments and I am happy about it.  I shall worry about the problem when I get to it.

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  1. I think a 500g pack would be quite sufficient. You could always get more if needed.